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Family Roots & Related Branches!
The Roots and Branches of your Swedish Family Tree

Family Roots & Related Branches, in short, Roots & Branches, is a Swedish company that offers genealogy research in Swedish sources.

Are you a Swedish-American, ie an American with Swedish ancestors? Do you ever wonder from where in Sweden your family came? How their lives were before they left for America? If they had any siblings in the old country? Who their ancestors were, several generations back? If there was any particular first or second name that was inherited through generations? Who the first person was who carried your Swedish family name, how it was spelled in Swedish and what it means? If there is any truth to a legend that has been told in your family for generations? If you have relatives in Sweden today? Roots & Branches can find the answers to these questions for you, and many other that you might have about your Swedish ancestry.

Roots & Branches aims to offer genealogical research services that suit anyone of Swedish descent, whether you want a large or a small investigation, one or several generations, or have a special research project to be conducted. Have a look at the services offered, and do not hesitate to contact Roots & Branches with any questions you might have!